2010 Book Chats
Anthony Browne
Read a selection of Anthony Browne books from your school Library. As you finish a book you can complete 2-3 activities from the grid below to share with us all. Your work can be presented on a new page or behind this one on the discussion page. Ask your teacher if you are unsure where to present your work.

Seven ways to be smart

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels

I enjoy reading, writing & speaking

List as many Anthony Browne books as you can on a WORD document and insert some relevant pictures.
Write a play of one of Anthony Browne’s stories.
Prepare at least 5 questions that you can ask ‘Willy’.
Write 6 questions you would like to ask Anthony Browne.
Create a ‘Who am I/ for one of Anthony Browne’s characters.
Do a PMI on one of the Anthony Browne books.
I enjoy working with numbers & science

List all the facts you know about Anthony Browne under the K of a KWL. List what you want to find out about him under the W.
Survey at least 10 friends and family members about their favourite Anthony Browne book. Graph your results on the computer.
Sort and classify the stories that you have read by Anthony Browne. Explain your classifications.
Use a Venn Diagram to compare two Anthony Browne stories.
Use PowerPoint to create a slide show of some of the great ways that Anthony Browne illustrates his books.
Give ‘Silly Billy’ a rating between 1 – 10 and explain your rating.
I enjoy painting, drawing & visualising

Make a collection of your favourite Anthony Browne pictures. Present them in any way you like and include captions/ labels explaining why you chose them.
From Anthony Browne’s ‘ZOO’, draw a map to show where the family went in the zoo.
Create a poster to promote one of Anthony Browne’s books.
Be an illustrator like Anthony Browne and create a portrait of a family member using any medium.
Add another scene to ‘Bear Hunt’ to improve the story.
Choose 1 Anthony Browne illustration and present it to the class, explaining the purpose of the illustration to the story.
I enjoy doing hands-on activities, sports & dance

Collect books written by your favourite author and bring them to share with the class.
Using playdough, create a model of one of Anthony Browne’s characters.
Create a mime that shows what happened to Bear in Anthony Browne’s ‘Bear Hunt’.
Design and make your own ‘worry doll’.
CLASS ACTIVITY – create a mural of Anthony Browne characters.
Take a photo of yourself in a freeze frame from one of the scenes in an Anthony Browne book
I enjoy making & listening to music

Find a song that would go with an Anthony Browne story. Bring it to share with the class and explain why you chose it.
Find and record some animal sound effects that can be played to Anthony Browne’s ‘ZOO’.
CLASS ACTIVITY -Write a jingle to advertise one of Anthony Browne’s books.
Make up a rap about ‘Willy’.
Choose a nursery rhyme and change the words to suit an Anthony Browne story.
Write a list of criteria to judge the Willy raps.
I enjoy working with others

With a partner, share your favourite Anthony Browne story.
Practise and read an Anthony Browne story to a Kindergarten class.
Use the Hot seat strategy and pretend to be Willy, to be interviewed by your class.
Be a director and direct your group into a freeze frame from ‘Willy and Hugh’.
CLASS ACTIVITY – innovate on the ‘Willy the … ‘ stories and share your innovation with another Stage 1 class.
Use a judge and jury to discuss the statement ‘Children enjoy Anthony Browne’s books because of the illustrations’.
I enjoy working by myself

Create a story map of one of Anthony Browne’s stories.
Complete the L section of the KWL to show what YOU have learnt.
Write a review for one of Anthony Browne’s stories.
Does your family have anything that is used in a similar way to the ‘worry dolls’.
Write and illustrate a new book for a family member eg. sister, grandma, grandpa, uncle like Anthony Browne’s family series.
Explain who your favourite character is from one of the Anthony Browne books.