Here are some books we have reviewed.

  • WALT (we are learning to)- give a summary/review of a book we are reading and to share ideas that will help develop our book reviewing skills.

    • Success Criteria:

      • I give the title of the book.

      • I say who the author is.

      • I tell the listener who the illustrator/photographer is (if there are drawings or photos).

      • I say what type of book it is e.g. fiction, non-fiction or reference book.

      • I give detail about my favourite piece of action in the book and why it's my favourite scene.

      • I can describe one of the characters I liked a lot in the book i.e. the characters name, how they look, behave and finally why you liked that character.

      • I can give two positive comments about good parts of book reviews in the discussion tab above.

      • I can give one good idea for a next learning step about book reviews after reading, listening or watching a review.

Leslie, Baylee, Chris and Cullum's Book Reviews - please give your feedback in the discussion area above.

Room One Waihi East Book review year three/four/five.