Here are some plays we have recorded at Waihi East School.

  • WALT (we are learning to)- share plays or stories on the internet and add helpful comments in the discussion forum.

    • Success Criteria:

      • I can listen to an audio file of a play and can write two encouraging comments for good parts of the play in the discussion tab above.

      • I can add a helpful idea for making good character voices in the discussion tab above.

      • I can record my own play using interesting character voices and sound effects.

      • I can upload my audio file of the play to this wiki.

      • I can think about the ideas in the discussion forum and choose a helpful one for my next learning step when creating character voices in plays.

This play is called 'The Middle of Nowhere' by Michael Wilson.mid_of_nowhere.gifIn this play for four characters, Stella and Module, two intergalactic sightseers, accidentally end up on the third gravitational mass from the Sun in the fourteenth orbital system of galaxy eighty-seven P in the ninth sector - Planet Earth, in case you hadn't realised.


This play is called 'The Madhouse' by Michael Wilson. The scene is set when in April 200I, a school secretary never returned after entering Room Eight.