Added Tuesday 30 March 2010

An Autumn Sunrise

I took the opportunity to capture this stunning sunrise - maybe it will inspire some writing.


The sun rises. It is a new day. I wonder what I may be doing today.

Leaves blowing all around,
Gliding swiftly until they hit the ground.
It’s a very pretty and warm day,
Kids all around having a play.
To top it all,
there’s a beautiful sunrise,
How I love the start of fall.

Orange flames from a distance fill up the sky,
It is like a ball of fire had a look and stopped by,
Waihi Beach is amazing spectacular and cool,
It is the best place to be a totally not a fool,
The big puffy clouds pass by and don’t stop,
This is how I know Waihi Beach is the top.

An enchanting sunrise strikes the horizon.
Its a beautiful sight as gentle as a painting but as fierce as a lion.
Dangerous colours blended across the fearless sky,
Boosting without a word.
The clouds restlessly smudged across the canvas.
Its just like an undistributed dream,
Peaceful and perfect.