Today Room 3 read the original version of Cinderella which was written by the Grimm Brothers, in 1812, It was revised for their second edition in 1819. We found the story on this National Geographic site. We have decided to explore some of the history behind fairy tales. We will share it with you on this page, and start up some discussion as we find out more.


Check out some of the different versions of Cinderella here. There are stories of Europe, France, Italy, Kashmir, Russia, Serbia, Georgia, Norway, Scotland and Ireland. You can have a read on this site made by D.L. Ashliman.
Be careful though some of these versions can be a little gruesome in places, for example the Grimm Brothers wrote that Cinderella's eldest step-sister cut off her toe so that she could fit her foot into Cinderella's shoe and marry the Prince!