Term 3 2009
Weeks six till ten

This Book Chat will be run from weeks six until week ten, although it can be started any time from week six.

Collect from your resource room and collect as many of the Greedy Cat series written by Joy Cowley.
You may have “Greedy Cat”, “Greedy Cat is Hungry”, “Greedy Cat’s Door”, “What Does Greedy Cat Like”, “Greedy Cat and the Chocolate Cake”, and “Lunch for Greedy Cat”. These books are published by Learning Media.

In your school library or at home you may also have “Greedy Cat and the Pet Show" and "Greedy Cat and the Sneeze" both illustrated Robyn Belton and published by Scholastic NZ

Discussion One – Let’s get started ...

Read “Greedy Cat” books and discuss which book is your favourite and why.
Go to the discussion link at the top of the page and respond there.

Do you have your own "Greedy Cat" at home?
I do, I have one called "Baxter" and another one who has decided that she wants to live with us who we are call "fluffybumb".

Tell us about your own cats, how do you look after them, and especially what do you feed them.