Room 2 St Joseph's have been reading and sharing Maori legends. The set of Learning Media readers on Maori Legends formed the basis of our reading. We have focussed on 2 Key Competencies -Participating and Contributing and Using Language, Text and Symbols.
Here are some of our learning experiences...

  • We shared our favourite legends by contributing to our School website Bookchat. Children can then add comments to the Waichat Wiki and share with other schools.
  • After reading "Otunui and the Egg" we illustrated a favourite part of the story. These pictures were then used to retell the story using Powerpoint. Children had to select which pictures would tell the Main Ideas of the story and then add their own narration.
  • Illustrations could be done using Kidspix or Paint as another option. These can be put together as a Wall Story or Shared Book with the children's published retelling of the story.
  • A group made up a play about Porete. A lot of decision making and collaboration took place as children sorted out roles and worked out their lines.
  • As we shared each story a glossary of Maori words was built up.
  • Retell a legend orally using Audacity. Children could use a story map to help them or retell a published story. These can be then used as a Listening Post resource alongside a collection of the children's stories.
  • View Maori legends -Maui Slows the Sun video.
  • We explored the character of Maui, making a Character Web and then comparing him with other tricksters. A selection of images of Maui were gathered so that children could explore what characteristics are portrayed and how eg strength, his Maori heritage...Using Voicethread, children can share their ideas about these images.

Here is some of the work Room 2 did on this book chat Maori Legends
This is one of the Maori legend videos we used.