Junior School: Raps, Rhymes and Twisters

Read some of your favourite raps, rhymes and tongue twisters with your teacher. You might want to select an activity to do from the grid below to share with the WaiChat community. You could also draw some pictures and record yourself reciting a rhyme. VoiceThread is a great way to share this with us all.

Higher Order Thinking

Recite your favourite rhyme.
Tell the class about a time when you were very frightened like Miss Muffet.
What question would you ask Humpty Dumpty?
Draw a picture of what would happen to Humpty Dumpty if he was made of jelly.
Make a happy face on some bread using different foods.
Complete a T chart about being an egg.
Brainstorm a list of nursery rhyme characters.
How are Old King Cole and Miss Muffet different?
Explain how you would solve Miss Muffet’s problem?
If you were Old King Cole, what would you want your servants to bring you?
Create a BAR for Jack and Jill’s bucket.
Rate 5 rhymes in order of preference.
Make a list of other foods that Humpty Dumpty could be.
Why do you think Miss Muffet was afraid of the spider?
How could Humpty Dumpty be safe sitting on a wall?

What would the spider say to Miss Muffet if he could talk?

Complete SCAMPER
on a nursery rhyme of your choice.

Do you like the ending of Humpty Dumpty? Why? Why not?
Write down the birthdays of all of the members of your family.

Why do you think the old woman swallowed a fly?

Explain what you would do if you were Jack’s dad and Jack came home with a bump on his head.
Draw a picture of what would happen if your toothbrush could fly?
Create a BAR for Miss Muffet’s tuffet.
How would you change Baa Baa Black Sheep to make it funnier?
Make a list of other things that the old woman could swallow.

What other things could Peter Piper pick?

What sounds does your toaster make?
If you were a piece of bread, what topping would you like?
Create a BAR for your washing machine.
Show on the rating scale how much you liked the Raps, Rhymes and Twisters Fun Day. Draw your favourite activity.
Source: http://www.cap.nsw.edu.au/teachers/tech_based_resources/MI_pages/MIBT_UNITS/html/Raps,RhymesandTwisters.htm